LADC offers building design services at any scale and for a range of clients including owner/builders, developers, contractors, or individuals needing a set of custom plans. We can consult on plans you’ve drawn yourself, modify plans you’ve sourced online, create permit drawings for standard construction projects, or full construction drawing sets for custom buildings. We are interested in any project; whether it is an addition, a renovation or new construction.

LADC also offers a host of services that complement the process of building design- from choosing the right piece of land to facilitating a design/build workshop.

Real Estate Research and Evaluation
Choosing the right property can be difficult. Finding something that balances all of the requirements of a project can necessitate extensive research involving by-laws, building code, water quality and availability, solar access, distance from services, costs of installing services, potential industrial impacts, privacy concerns, usability, soil conditions and quality, septic potential, sub-division potential, access, land use planning, drainage issues and climate studies, among others. Projects can succeed or fail based on site selection, and this process deserves careful attention to detail. If you are short on time or unsure of how to proceed, LADC can facilitate this process by doing the research and delivering a report that can greatly simplify the decision.
Master Planning
Once a property is selected, the building(s) must be located in the most appropriate location. While placing a single building is included in most building design contracts, site planning is only developed to a schematic level. Master planning the entire site requires a more extensive process, involving many of the points discussed under “real estate research”. These ideas are developed in detail during a master planning exercise and specific activities, additional buildings and infrastructural elements are identified and located appropriately.
Custom Building Design
Custom design is our passion. Working with the client to understand their needs and developing an appropriate plan is the central service that we offer and why we entered the design profession.
Lukas is also partners in LOCAL design/build, with his brother Max Karpinski, a licensed builder. Through LOCAL db Lukas and Max offer a comprehensive approach to building projects. The close integration and communication within the design/build relationship results in a high quality project that often saves money through efficiencies, accuracy and an avoidance of construction issues. If you would be interested in a combination design/build contract please contact either of us to set up a meeting.
The design of the interior is an opportunity to ensure that the building functions well for it’s intended purpose and creates a unique experience for the user. Lukas combines strategies learned during his industrial design and sculptural education- such as ergonomics, work flow modeling, manufacturing, digital fabrication, furniture design, materials research, colour studies and graphic design- with architectural concepts of volume and light to create engaging functional spaces.
Landscape Design
Landscaping addresses issues of protective shading, water and soil retention, water use, privacy, flower and food gardening, wind protection, etc. Landscaping is related to master planning and often happens simultaneously, addressing in detail the design and construction of landscape elements such as retaining walls, circulation paths, drainage, irrigation and water features, as well as the selection of trees, foliage and ground cover that are climate, function and site appropriate.
Systems Design
Whether as a retrofit or as part of a new project, LADC has experience in designing infrastructural systems at the small and medium scale, including water, waste and energy storage and production. Our work is not intended to replace the work of professional electricians, plumbers or septic designers. We conceptualize and plan appropriate systems and ensure that they are well integrated with the building and site. These systems are often related to building design and included in a standard building design contract. Other times they may be integrated with a master planning or landscaping contract, and at other times be a stand alone service.
With degrees in Architecture, Industrial Design and Fine Arts, Lukas has taught design and design/build through Emily Carr University as well as facilitated design/build workshops for strawbale construction. His experience and passion for his work translates into a valuable educational experience. If you are looking for a facilitator for a workshop or an instructor for a course at your design or construction based institution, contact Lukas to discuss.
We offer consulting services for all the items listed here. Whether you are an owner/builder who would like to run your ideas past a professional, a developer that would like help planning a project, a community who would like another voice in a planning charrette, or an individual who would like help understanding their options, LADC is available for discussion and review.
Plan Library
LADC has a growing library of  standard single family residences that have been created for developers. These plans are available for sale and can be found on the “work” page. If you see something you like, with or without changes, note the name and drop me a line to discuss pricing.