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Walls, Decks, Posts and Beams

Our wall system is a triple stud frame. I will speak more about this in a subsequent post. What I will mention, however, is that this system allowed us to build just the exterior 2×6 wall now, and the rest later; an important part of our strategy to get the roof on before the next wet season.

Our friend Herb Maan dropped in to help us out. Triple threat!




My fiancée Keiko also stopped by to visit and help out in our garden, which had turned into a jungle!



Once the first floor walls were up, we put on the second floor system and started framing in the deck boxes.

Deck box and steel beam.

Our decking material is S4S (sanded 4 sides) fir dimensional lumber. We love fir! It is attached to the deck box with 12,000 3″ screws. We started doing it with standard drills and quickly moved to the Quickdrive floor drill. Big job….

This is our fir post and beam material, sourced from Hamill Creek Timber frames. The material was then dressed by Jay Mckimm at Bluewater timber framing. Jay also came and helped us install the frame. Jay does excellent work and we were fortunate to work with him.

Max’s girlfriend Katie Zacharias has been lending a hand off and on all summer. Here she with the largest skillsaw in the world. (Actually it was the timber framers. None of us ran it.)


Starting to take shape.

Next up : Trusses!


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  • Helga on Apr 11, 2013

    Beautiful photos of this beautiful project. The wood and steel are gorgeous. Thank you for this in-depth tracking of each step along the way. What an enormous amount of energy and dedication you all have invested to make this vision rise out of the mud … what a slog … nice to see that it was also fun !:)