Broadcasting from Nelson BC






Plums and grapes from our neighbour. This is an amazing country.

Our trusses arrived from Boundary Truss in Grand Forks.

Here is the first truss going up. We hired Sheep Creek Cranes, who also helped us with the steel beams, to place them.

…and 2.5 hours later, the last truss. The crane isn’t cheap, but it sure saves time.

Nailing everything down.



Jonny Kurjata, our newest hired gun. Jonny grew up building homes. His family ran Polertech in Dawson Creek, which built R2000 homes. He is a valuable asset and we hope to keep him busy long into the future, (when he is not travelling the world).

More strapping.

The first sheets of corrugated galvalum steel.

Snow stops.

Aaaaand…waterproof!  The hard part is over, but we are only half way there.

We took time to finish the decks with two coats of oil.

Now we could take a moment to enjoy the view.

Ready for winter, and just in time. A few days later we got the first frost.

Next up: stairs and interior walls.

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  • Helga on Apr 11, 2013

    …and well worth the time, too…what a warm glow accenting the patterns and colours of the wood.