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Floor System

After the long 6 weeks of rain, during which we slogged around in the mud building the foundation, we were very happy to be up out of the mud and working with wood again.

This was the real beginning of our summer, which proved to be  hot and sunny.

The floor system is built with 16″ wooden I joists. It should be mentioned that our passive envelope starts at the wooden floor system. The concrete crawlspace is not included in the passive house calculations.

We chose to do this for a few reasons, but mainly because insulating a basement with twelve inches of styrofoam is expensive. This unheated space will be used for storage and is not accessed from the floors above.

This storage will be valuable real estate, given the small footprint of the individual suites. However, The concrete floor is insulated with 4″ of spray foam. In addition, we have built an additional stud wall on the interior, giving the basement an average insulative value of R-35. The additional stud wall will also protect our plumbing from freezing, which is not difficult in the relatively mild climate of the Kootenays.

Our rim joist cavity is insulated with scrap ICF and spray foam.

My other brother, Galen, screwing down the 3/4″ plywood sub-floor.

Max, compacting the backfill around the foundation. I am going to take this opportunity to talk about Max a little bit. Max is a recovering workaholic and a perfectionist. Luckily he is also a pragmatist and excellent with logistics, or nothing would ever get finished. Instead, enormous amounts of work gets done, to a very high standard, while remaining on schedule. He also keeps some of my wilder ideas under control, while on the other hand, I push him into new design territory. We balance each other out.

The clean-outs for our substantial drain-tile system.

The completed sub-floor.

Next up: Steel Beams