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Two Months Later

We are now quite a bit further along than the following pics indicate. I’ll be bringing the blog up to date over the next week.

For now, enjoy a selection of pics from around the property after being on site for two months. First up is a shot of our agricultural area- gardens and greenhouses.

Max’ digs, complete with hammock under the apple trees.

The Garden is coming along nicely.

When the rain refused to let up we installed a canvas curtain and a 500 watt construction heater. Thankfully summer finally arrived.

Wheatgrass trays. Healthy country living!

We keep pulling large landscape rocks out of the earth.

Our ICF package ready for installation.

The Horses next door.

This large cedar will be directly off the north decks, slightly to left to reveal the view. On the top deck you will be right in the crown of the tree.

Site work! Here you can see the batter boards, which are used to delineate the location of the footings and column pads.

Due to groundwater we are installing an extensive “permanent dewatering system”, which will drain into a cistern for irrigation. An estimated million gallons of water a year will be flowing (harmlessly) under our foundation. This is pretty typical for the Kootenays.

This final shot is the view from the North Decks across the river into the Sprole Creek valley.


  • gwenda on Aug 28, 2012

    thanks for posting this and sharing the excitement

  • Erica Anderson on Aug 07, 2012

    Great site. Looking forward to see how the house compliments the surroundings, while maintaining the green construction.