Broadcasting from Nelson BC

The Site

We left Dawson Creek on a damp spring morning, a foreshadowing of the 5 weeks of rain we would face on arrival.

The site is  an un-zoned, 1.5 acre parcel, 8 minutes from Nelson. On site there is a well, electricity and internet.

The site is 50 m by 130 m, which is this big:

The site sits on a North facing slope with a view down to the river valley. The gentle rise of the mountain to the south allows us adequate sunshine in the winter, and the East/West run of the valley maximizes the sun hours in the summer.

The building will be located about halfway down the length of the property, against the west property line. The axis of the building runs East/West, exposing the long faces to the southern sun and the northern view.


Preliminary site plan