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The Camp

Once on site, we needed to get comfortable as we expect to spend the next 4-5 months living and working at 3457 Bedford. As designers and builders we felt that these projects should be visually compelling as well as functional.

The first project was a dining room/ kitchen/ bathroom facility. We believe that off-the-shelf dimensional lumber  and plywood are beautiful materials that typically gets hidden inside of layers of drywall, vinyl and cement board; which is unfortunate as BC is one of the top producers of wood products in the world. Here we showcase the warmth and appeal that these products can bring to a space. Admittedly  the spaces are a bit rough and tumble, but we intend to use the same products, with finer detailing, in the home we are building.



Next we built the privy. The steel is recycled from an old shed we removed from the site, combined again with dimensional lumber. We intend, at some point in the future, to sheath the interior with fir plywood to finish the space. As you may imagine, currently we are a bit too busy for such luxuries! However, it is a good example of the excellent contrast that develops between the grey steel exterior and the warm wood trim.

Once the privy was finished, I set up my camper with a great entrance deck that overlooks the wooded area of the property. Fortunately I had the foresight to protect the entrance from rain with a combination of fixed and roll-up screens. Just after this was finished, beautiful may turned into the “June Monsoon”.

This is the local design/build tool repository, within which you can find any tool you might want. Max’s extreme organization and desire to work with quality really helps streamline the build process.

Having set up the facilities to care for our basic needs, we decided to take advantage of the excellent soil we have on the property and plant our first garden. The trays are filled with 200 Kale plants (we love a good kale shake at lunch!), cilantro, dill, tomatoes and tons of basil. It’s a tasty start and we look forward to adding greens to the mix for fresh summer salads.

One of the reasons we have chosen to move out here is to live closer to Nature, similar to our up-bringing. After spending the last few years in a brick office, with few windows, staring at my computer screen, my current office is a refreshing change. Sitting down at 8 am to work is not so bad when I can look out at this sunny meadow and listen to the birds and neighbourhood roosters while drinking my coffee.

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  • Helga on Apr 11, 2013

    Good job, Max, babying those plants along from seeding in Dawson to planting in Nelson … with enough left in Dawson beds for me to fill the giant freezer here … kept me healthy all winter.