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Current Project : Partners and Support

LADC is currently focused on the design and construction of a PassivHaus (CanPhi) triplex outside of Nelson BC. The project is a joint venture between LADC and local design/build (owned by myself, my brother Max, and Patrick Zeimer), with financial support from the Province of British Columbia and Fortis BC.


The project began in 2009 while Max and I were building Skyholm, our first sustainably focused joint venture, through his company, 2-Stroke Painting and Contracting. At the time we became aware of a call put out by the province of BC for proposals to build “Super Efficient New Construction”. The projects must meet EnerGuide 88 and involve partnerships with local municipalities and educational institutions. Successful proponents would be given financial support, through Fortis BC, to assist in covering the costs associated with super energy efficiency. We realized that Skyholm was really a prototype of exactly the kind of construction being requested. We submitted a proposal and were subsequently accepted. We now have a mandate to build five residential units meeting either the EnerGuide 88 rating or PassivHaus. The first three units is the current triplex we are building in Nelson. The last two will be in Dawson Creek.

LADC recently completed the PassivHaus course at UBC and it has been decided that the project will reach the required energy efficiency ratings using the PassivHaus framework. Additional support for the development of the PassivHaus technical design is being provided by Andre Harrmann, a PassivHaus Graduate.

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  • Roy de Vries on May 09, 2014

    Good Morning Lucas

    I am the owner/builder of damn near Passivehouse which John Gower spoke with you about falling rather than rising performance.

    I am in Nelson today, Sunday which is out because of mothers day, Mon and Tue all day with some meetings.

    May be good to have a coffee or at least cjhat on the phone. Cell 403-357-8502